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[Total mechanic newbie, Suzuki Symply2 150 scooter]

Could anyone help me diagnosing this issue?

  • Scooter starts and idles perfectly
  • As soon as I open the throttle past 1/4 engine splutters and backfires
  • If I disconnect the air intake on the carb totally (?!) then she runs like a dream

I've already:
  • Checked the spark plug
  • Checked the automatic choke
  • Checked (and removed to test) air filter
  • Tried to adjust the mixture, however regardless of where the screw position is, it makes absolutely no difference -- to idle or running.
  • Sprayed carb-cleaner into carb while engine running

The air intake pipe is really fat; I can't imagine that -- with air filter removed -- simply disconnecting the pipe from the carb increases the air flow much, however it definitely fixes the issue. I see there are some other pipes coming off the air intake pipe...what goes on here? Could they be the reason? Otherwise, any other suggestions of where I can look?

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Are you saying that it acts differently with the air cleaner element removed......versus with the whole intake assembly removed ??

Seems that IS what you are saying; if so a careful inspection is in order to see if the boot is putting a bind on something else or pinching a hose.
After that, I'd say to take each hose off one at a time and plug it (like with a golf tee) and see which one makes a difference.

My guess would be that one of those smaller hoses is kinked when everything is in it's normal position.

Regardless, a healthy dose of carb cleaner in the gas tank is a good idea. Berrymans B12 Chemtool is good.

P.S. If this is a 2 cycle engine, replace the spark plug. Just because.
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