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Hi all,

One piece of gear that doesn't get much attention are motorcycle pants.

I decided to share my thoughts on my Shift Havoc pants I bought recently.

Basically I knew I wanted leathers but did not want to get a full suit. Nor did I want to pay an exhorbent amount of $. Also, I wanted some armor to make my knees feel safe.

Cool thing about these pants - they're a hybrid of leather and textile - so you don't sweat buckets when wearing them.

These pants also fit amazing well. If you go out and buy a pair - make sure to get the size you wear for normal pants. I thought it'd be a good idea to get one size larger so I can wear jeans underneath - but Shift already thought of that and give you enough room to do so. (although they can also be worn on their own).

If your interested in more details, my full review can be found here:

Shift Havoc Leather Motorcycle Pants Review |
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