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Anyone ever use the shift light on the '04 GSX-R600? Has it ever lit up when time to change gears?

According to the manual, the shift light can be set from 7,000rpms to 15,500rpms w/500 increments. If you go 7mph over when u r supposed to change gears it automatically disables itself but I've never seen it come on. I've set it at 7,000rpms then I tried 7,500rpms but I've never seen the light.

Am I doing something wrong :roll: ?
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The light gets reset every time you turn the key off. The RPM limit you set stays but the light gets reset....

When you set the limit and then start the bike, push and hold the button beside the light for about 3'll come on and then go off, now you're set!

It'll come on and stay on anytime you are over your pre-set RPM limit
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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