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Anyone ever use the shift light on the '04 GSX-R600? Has it ever lit up when time to change gears?

According to the manual, the shift light can be set from 7,000rpms to 15,500rpms w/500 increments. If you go 7mph over when u r supposed to change gears it automatically disables itself but I've never seen it come on. I've set it at 7,000rpms then I tried 7,500rpms but I've never seen the light.

Am I doing something wrong :roll: ?
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There's a shift light? I thought that's what the RED part of the tach meant. :D
87gsxrnut said:
I thought that's what the RED part of the tach meant.
Re-read: I really see no need in having one unless you are building a motor that will out pull the tach.

By adding higher-lift cams, better retainers and heavier springs, you can get the motor to run higher than the original redline.

FYI: Most powerbands peak before the indicated redline anyway. Going to the redline normally is not gaining you anything, and can cost you time.

- Nut
Wow're no fun.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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