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Shifting without using the clutch.....

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I always use my clutch to change gears but after some reading I do understand that bike clutches differ from cars....So I tried it.

It's very smooth when shifting but I can only get it to shift at 6000 rpm and 8000rpm in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th..... what am I missing.....

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SDSUsnowboards said:
I want to reverse my gears(and will right after christmas hits). I don't understand why they make you balance on your heels to upshift (the biggest source of Gs for the riding I do). This is especially problematic with dirtbikes as you are on your heels while bouncing around on unstable ground.
i totally agree on my old ts185 its hard to balance on your heels plus find gear when u need to. Reversal would be great
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