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Should I be able to stand flat footed?

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I have the 2005 SV650S as most of the people on here already know. My question is should I be able to stand flat footed on both sides while sitting up straight. I can lean to one side just a tad and I can stand on one foot flat.

Also what are you recommendations to get used to the braking on a sports bike. I believe that is my main problem. Cause when I have had a that last drop I was stopping or at a complete stop. I can't remember now...
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I get both feet down......just,and havent found a problem yet,I just have to push the bike out of wherever I have parked it sometimes if I have to move the bike backwards,instead of looking daft doing hundreds of tiny steps!

As for braking,the front is predominately used for stopping or slowing.I personally only use the rear brake for testing road condition for stopping,IE;stopping in rain,when I have a pillion,in a corner to help slow(NEVER use front brake while you are tipped over) and slow stuff like U-turns.
Lol at poor uneducated Gixxerdale. :roll:

Here in the UK red means stop,not go,and expect its the same where you are! :mrgreen:
:cheers: Nice One Gixxerdale, ha ha :smile: ;-) :)
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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