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Should I be able to stand flat footed?

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I have the 2005 SV650S as most of the people on here already know. My question is should I be able to stand flat footed on both sides while sitting up straight. I can lean to one side just a tad and I can stand on one foot flat.

Also what are you recommendations to get used to the braking on a sports bike. I believe that is my main problem. Cause when I have had a that last drop I was stopping or at a complete stop. I can't remember now...
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If you can get the balls of both feet on the ground, you should be fine. If you a re on your toes, then you may want to consider removing some seat foam or lowering the bike. Lowering will change the handling.
Braking? That is a book in its self. Learn to use both brakes. Use the rear brake to set the bike into a corner. Stay off of the front brake during low speed manuevers. Wow to much to list. Here's some reading material.
Stevie C
'02 Gixer 600 K1,yellow and black( fastest colour!)

Sorry Stevie C But RED is the fastest color! :twisted:
stevie c said:
Lol at poor uneducated Gixxerdale. :roll:

Here in the UK red means stop,not go,and expect its the same where you are! :mrgreen:
Yup, Red means stop here too. Like Stop trying to catch up to my red 1k cause it ain't gonna happen. :bluethum: Yellow means Go Faster, cause you ain't fast enough! :biker: And Green? Well green means you just lost your lunch trying! Or hand over the cash cause you just lost that bet! :bounce:
stevie c said:
:cheers: Nice One Gixxerdale, ha ha :smile: ;-) :)
Thanks! :cheers:
Hey Pug,

Have you looked into lowering the bike or reworking the seat foam? While you're parked, remove the seat and straddle the bike. See if it helps to flat foot it.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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