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should I move up in class

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my friend has a ninja 500 and he has only had it for 2 months and he wants to move up to a 600 this is his first bike should he move up so soon your statements are a plus
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Most people can't ride that bike to its limits after 10,000 miles. Methinks he only wants to upgrade for the fashion of it. That's the wrong reason.
Rees said:
Put me in the same situation but change my age from 31 years back to when I was 17 to 23, I know I would have been a statistic. I don't necessarily support the "you must ride a 250cc in the first 50 years of your motorcycling life" camp, I just know I was just a @!*&head at that age, how I am still alive from the dumb stuff I did back then makes me scratch my head in confusion.........
Boy, do I ever hear that. :shock:
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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