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Sidestand Switch Bypass? HELP!!

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Hi Everyone,

Just registered,first post, and question? Has anyone bypassed the sidestand safety switch on their bike? I have a 96 KAT.My swtich acts up and after I remove the fairing, tug the wire, press the switch in an out, then the bike will start. I ordered a replacement switch from the parts place 59.99, but it will take a week before it gets here. I want to ride in the meantime though.

Please assist.

Great SITE BTW!!!!!
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Louis said:
I wouldn't fiddle with it. Wait till you get the replacement switch. It's there for a reason.

Oh, and :welcomes:
Ya it's there so that at night you can't drop the stand and get a cage off your *ss. Not that I would ever have done that in a past life! :roll: All those sparks make cagers back way off real fast! :mrgreen: But I wouldn't know that!

And :welcomes:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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