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Slip ons...

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Well, for all you SV guys/girls out there, I'm sure you know what stock exhaust sounds like on 'em. What would a slip on yoshimura sound like on a V-twin? Does anybody have any recommendations for slip ons? There aren't too many options out there for an 05 sv650s. Will exhaust for 00-04 work? Thanks
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Alrighty, I found a RS-3 slip-on for a "buy-it-now" price of $260.00 on ebay...I think I'll go that route, thanks jay.
scorpion pipe huh...what do those run msrp?
LayinLo said:
you got an sv650....get the loudest pipe!!!!


Yeah, I like that D&D, I heard it last night on a soundboard page...thanks.
I just heard the D & D on a sport bike page and it didn't specify which bike they were testing them with...but it sounded pretty bad a$$. It wouldn't make my sv sound like a hog from easy riders would it.
P.S.- I meant to end that last question with a question so "It wouldn't make my sv sound like a hog from easy riders would it?"
Alrighty, thanks.
Nex, they're all showing 03-04 SVs, they should mate up with my 05 correct?
1 - 8 of 18 Posts
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