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sobering reality

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I just heard on the news that a rider died this week on my favorite local twisty. He apparently took one of the blind curves too hot and drifted over the line. A car was coming in the opposite direction. It didn't help that he wore no gear or helmet.

Ride smart people. Ride Safe.
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007 you just showed no class.

Just because he drifted over the line doesn't make him a squid. Almost all of us I'm sure enjoy riding through some twisties. Who knows what happened that made him go over the line. He could have been trying to avoid something or just had a bad line like various people have had at times. Don't throw him into the squid category. Sheesh man... really....

Just cause no EQ, does not = squid (shoots off in various directions at high speeds). There's plenty of people who ride who choose not to wear EQ (I personally prefer EQ and will always wear mine).

I guess what I'm really getting at is, some respect for the deceased. :(
I'm all about taking responsibility for your own actions. There are things that happen that are out of our control as well. Who knows what the circumstances were of that crash. No argument that he could have been pushing the limits too far and paid for it. I personally just don't like making the assumption and I guess would just prefer to think of it as an accident and not "some squid". That's just my outlook.

Now, if you took some twisties at too hight a speed and wrecked. Then, came to me telling me how it was all the road's fault and the town should be sued because they didn't make the road properly, I'd promptly remind you how it was your speed and throwing your bike into the corner without recognizing the conditions of the road, that got you in that hospital bed.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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