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sobering reality

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I just heard on the news that a rider died this week on my favorite local twisty. He apparently took one of the blind curves too hot and drifted over the line. A car was coming in the opposite direction. It didn't help that he wore no gear or helmet.

Ride smart people. Ride Safe.
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I agree with 007 ... if someone dies because they didn't do everything possible to protect themselves, that's "Darwinism in action".

There are thousands of former motorcycle riders who are dead or living with handicaps because some idiot in a car wasn't paying attention. I feel sorry for those people and their families, and those who are living a full life in spite of their injuries have my greatest respect.

Today I witnessed numerous bikes out on the road. Many were in full gear and enjoying the day ... others wearing a helmet (required by law), a loose t-shirt, shorts and sandals. Either these people have never heard of road-rash or are simply convinced that "it'll never happen to me".

A bit of advice ... IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU! And when it does ... IT'S GOING TO HURT -- BAD!

Most don't even think about it, but you can get hurt without even crashing. Just let your girlfriend's foot slip off the peg (which is about 3" above the exhaust) ...

Sorry, but it just pi$$es me off when I see idiots on bikes ... they give the rest of us a bad name (and higher insurance bills).

BTW ... I spent $100 yesterday and bought my third biking jacket ... this time a summer model, but with CE-certified elbow, shoulder and spine protectors.
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