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SoCal can get cold!

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Today and tomorrow I make my longer commute, 72 miles each way. No big deal, I enjoy the ride, since it takes me along the pacific coast and through some of my favorite canyons. Only drawback lately is leaving long before sunrise.

So I pile on all my usual gear, roll the gixxer out and head for the Chevron on the corner. Holy crap it's cold out! While getting gas I check the temperature, 33 degrees! What's up with that, this is supposed to be sunny and warm SoCal! OK, all gassed up, but now I switch to my winter gloves just in case it gets cooler along the way, good move.

I head through Moorpark and off to Balcomb Canyon that takes me on into Santa Paula. It's a deep twisty canyon that the sun only reaches down into a few hours a day. Normally no big deal, a nice ride. Well, before dawn and a couple miles into the canyon, my fingers are going numb? What the hell? Well a quick check of my little thermometer and , oh crap, it's 17 degrees in the bottom of this canyon! The wind chill is freezing my fingers! By the time I exited the canyon I was palming the controls. I had no feeling left in my fingers!

The coast was warmer and my fingers finally began to thaw! I think the Canadians are exporting to much of their cold air down here , just because we don't winterize our bikes . I'll bet that Louis is behind this!

I sure hope tomorrow is a warmer ride! I hate to think I need an electric vest and electric gloves in LA!
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Yeah, just like the movie "Day After Tomorrow"...get your snow shoes out! ;)
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