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Some guy and his Dinosaur Gixxer..........

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I met a guy yesterday and he was riding this........

It was in great shape. Said he bought it new and it only had 11,000 miles on it. It sounded good too.
2nd set of tires. He does all the maintenance. Guy is like 40 something. Real cool.


Only thing is that I forgot to ask what year it is. After seeing that, I wouldn't mind having one myself.
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1 - 7 of 21 Posts 88, an 04,and an 02 :mrgreen: But red bikes are faster Layinlo!
LayinLo said:
Were you talking about in the pic?

The orange Repsol is an 05.

I know this much, orange is not faster than yellow....... :twisted:
Well 2 out 3 ain't bad. So it's an 05? I'm glad it's not faster than yellow. We'd have to bring you up on charges if you let that happen! :twisted:
Damn Nut Start a buildin them classics! Sad to them go one part at a time!
87gsxrnut said:
No time or money right now. Hell, I just sold a mint NOS '86 1100 gas tank on eBay. Bah, I already have two 1100s, maybe I'll get a 750 rolling again. I have a lot of parts for those.

- Nut
If you don'yt mind me asking, where did you get so many? Tossed track bikes? Street totals?
stevie c said:
Yes, of course they are, keep taking the medication, :mrgreen:
Time to look into a trip back to England. Some yungins just don't get it! :twisted:
trappercase said:
Jeez Dale, you get up early. Mostly east coasters and Europeans on this time of day
Tomoorow will be getting up "early", like 2 AM pacific! I have that little day ride that will start at 4 AM!But I should be about in Arizona just after sun up! :roll:
Hunter said:
Taking the bike or the cage?
Cage? On a weekend? That would be a sin! I'm headed for lunch at the Grand Canyon tomorrow. Even got 3 other riders to commit to going. Maybe we should all just be committed? 1054 miles in about 16 hours! Fun day on the bike! :mrgreen:
1 - 7 of 21 Posts
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