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Some things I've noticed

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Aloha all! I've been riding for a month now and there are a few things I have noticed.

The comments about being a woman rider, especially being 4'10" and 120 lbs., are NEVER going to stop.

When people realize you ride a bike, they suddenly have to share a story about how they, or their parent, sibling, uncle, grandparent, friend, cousin by marriage and thrice removed, etc., got into a really bad accident and....

The MSF course is an absolutely wonderful thing to take, even if you never plan on being a motorcyclist.

In general, motorists see you but they don't SEE you.

Small traffic circles are NOT fun when there is other traffic.

Finally, the biggest lesson I've learned...
This is an expensive hobby but I love it anyway!

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ChicsterMG said:
Funny thing is, everyone knows more people in really bad car accidents. But we never hear about them when we get in our Chevy's.
I always tell people that when they say that motorcycles are dangerous.
There is no doubt that they are, but so are cars. Hell you could be involved in a accident just walking down the street. Idiots are everywhere regardless of what you are driving. I might as well have fun and live life to the fullest while I can. Heck! I feel sorry for the people that have never experienced the joy that is motorcycling. I've got a friend that says "I don't like the idea of having that power between my legs and only having 2 wheels" My response to him is "Sissy"
lol. I know it's dangerous but why go through life with full pads on.
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