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ok well it all started when i bought my 01 rm 125 off of my friend. it was blown up in a garage for a year and half . the bike is VERY clean and has Very low hours. when i redid the motor i had a new crank put in as well as a cast iron sleeve. ever since then its seemed alot slower and wont put out a good powerband leaving it sounding more like a 250 and really stomping on my race positions. could i have a carb problem? or am i just using a shitty combo of parts.. i have

fmf fatty
stock piston kit
weisco hot rod crank
delta v-force reeds
2mm milled head
cast iron sleeve.

if anyone could please list there parts they have on their 01 rm 125's that are running great let me know lol as well as any mishaps theyve had with them
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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