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Hi all, still in my quest to fix the bike.
Carb is back on and clean, now I've turned my focus to ignition. My plug wires appear to be the solid conductor type.....shouldn't I get continuouity through them? My manual called to test the resistance acoss the pos and neg of the coils, and it was within specs. Next, it called to check the resistance across the two plug wires of each coil, AT THE BOOT. Checking at the boot, I got nothing, but after removing the plugs and checking at the coil, it was within specs. This leads me to believe that the plug wires are bad, but they all give me a resistance of 9k ohms consistently.
I suppose my question is, shouldn't I get continuouity across these wires which appear to be solid core? If I am supposed to, then I don't understand how ALL 4 could not be continuous and give me a resistance of 9k ohms. Note, these wires are at least a few years old, no visible cracks, but I'm sure they have voltage leaks that I've yet to see.
'95 Kat 750
--- Just noticed the wires say Fujikura 1994, think it's time to replace them...but I don't understand why they are so consistent!
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