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Spark plugs keep fouling (1995 GXSR 750)

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My motorcycle (1995 GXSR 750) quit starting every month or so due to oil and fuel built up on the spark plugs. I have to clean them up real good and the bike will then fire up. I also noticed black smoke when the bike starts and flame at times but all this will disappear after the bike warms up.
Do I have a leak somewhere in the carburator? I was told I had clogged jets. What are "jets" and how do I solve the problem?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Thank You Elbandito.
Well, I Do Not Know Much About Bike Repair But I Will Do My Best. I Checked My Air Filter And It Had Lots Of Oil On It. I Will Get A New One. As For The Carb Throat, I Did Not Have Time For That Task, But I Will Do. I Have No Idea What Spark Plugs I Have On My Bike (cold Vs Hot).
So, Are The Carb/jets Causing The Sparkplugs Foul Problem? Because I Did Clean The Spark Plugs And The Bike Did Not Start. I Remove Again At Least One Spark Plug And Noticed That There Was Gas On It, Therefore Preventing The Bike From Firing Up.
Please Let Me Know Once You Get The Chance. In Meantime I Will Follow Your Advice And Work On It.
Merci Beaucoup Elbandidto
No I Have Not And I Do Noy Know How To Begin With. Where R They Located At?

Thanks For Your Time And Viva Australia :)
OK Chief Elbandito

I'd better take it to a mechanic.
The battery is well charged.

Thanks a bunch
My solution is taking my bike to the mechanic. I did not type the message; my girlfriend did :)

Have a great groovy one!
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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