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Spark plugs keep fouling (1995 GXSR 750)

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My motorcycle (1995 GXSR 750) quit starting every month or so due to oil and fuel built up on the spark plugs. I have to clean them up real good and the bike will then fire up. I also noticed black smoke when the bike starts and flame at times but all this will disappear after the bike warms up.
Do I have a leak somewhere in the carburator? I was told I had clogged jets. What are "jets" and how do I solve the problem?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Start with the obvious and change the air filter (if you didn't change that already)
then ad some fuel additive to clean the carbs.
still no good ?
run the carbs without filter and put your hand on carb throat #1 whack the throttle a few times.
repeat for the other carbs.
idea is to suck debri through the jets violently.
jets are calibrated screws with(tiny) holes that regulate fuel and air flow inside the carb, they can clog up with debri.

BTW you didn't change to colder sparkplugs did you ?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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