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sprocket and chain suggestions.

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Ok now that i got my exhaust, well still waiting for shipping, i wanna change my rear and front sprockets for more acceleration at cost of top end.

I've heard 1 tooth up in rear 1 tooth down in front is good.Im not worried about top end as i hardly ever use. Besides im not gonna do 150mph anywhere. I've only done 120mph a few times on empty highway. Can anyone suggest a good brand to buy. Also i want to get a great chain to replace my stock one. Thanks
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How many miles on the chain? ALWAYS change the chain and sprockets at the same time, unless the chain is basically new (or you are racing). You will cause premature wear on the sprockets and have to change them again when you do get a new chain.

- Nut
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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