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Squid Sighting

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Tuesday night on my way home.... Heading up I-5 a few miles north of seattle. It's about dusk. In the HOV lane 2 sport bikes bikes come roaring up. The guys are sitting on the front of the gas tanks, right behind the handlebars, with their legs spread out towards the front, hands in the air....... not sure how they were doing this, guess they were wedged against the handlebars.. Looked stupid! Guess they figured it looked hot......
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Please do not try this. Why can't people just be happy with good old fashioned wheelies? :lol: :lol: :lol:
Ride-or-die said:
highchair wheelies, YAY!!!!

if only i had a pic at hand.

why they called squids?
R U serious about the squid question? :p
Well, it refers to a rider who "goes off in all directions like a squid's tentacles". Basically, a squid is the guy who's weaving in and out of traffic. :D
Here, people also call anyone who: 1. Doesn't wear gear, 2. Stunts, 3. Goes faster than the speed limit, or 4. Does anything they don't agree with, a "squid."
Ride-or-die said:
pitbull76 said:
squid=squirly kid

so basicaly anyone who has fun and does things a little dangerous is a squid? count me in

:lol: :lol: :lol:
This is the part where everyone will argue about what is fun and what is stupid.
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