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What maintenance should I do prior to restarting my garaged and battery tendered 92 GSXR 1100 that hasn't been ridden or started for about three years? When I last tried to run it, after it had not been ridden for quite a few months, it was fouling a plug. It never had that problem when ridden regularly so I think it was just related to not running for sometime.

Now about 3 years on, I'm back to try to start again. I'm going to replace the plugs. The gas tank was pretty full, but did not have any Stabil in it.

What should I do before starting it?

My concern is the fuel system, followed by oil. My question is whether I should try to start it with the gas in the tank as is? I'm not sure of what the risk and problem is from leaving fuel for that period. Am I risking gumming up the carbs by running that fuel through it? Will I just foul a plug from it? Should I drain and replace the gas? Do I try to start it and see or what?

Other question is whether there is any concern or something I should do, oil wise, before first turning it over.

Thanks for any suggestions

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Drain out the old gas, including draining the float bowls on the carbs.

Put in fresh gas with a recommended dose of Berrymans B12 or Gumout.
Turn the petcock to PRIme with the bowl drains open until gas flows out of the drains.

Check the oil level. When you get it to run long enough to warm up, change the oil.

And finally, don't be surprised if the battery doesn't hold much of a charge anymore.
It might need to be changed too.
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