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hi, got problems with my suzuki sv650 2003 it cranks over but wont start its really wierd because i was out on it this morning and ran fine 12 hours later wont start, the only thing different is that i didnt let it warm up before riding it i was in a bit of a rush it started but cut out after about 50meters and refusing to start just cranks over, ive sent it by courior to my new address so dont have accses to it at the moment,
my questions are have i damaged somthing? set of safty switch or somthing?
if somehow i inadvertently pressed the kill switch didnt check it at the time but shurly it wouldnt crank over if it was?
im just really puzzeled, its playing on my mind and will only have a few days to ride it when i get home :(
any ideas?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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