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I stopped after a 50 mile ride to take a break and gas up, came back to the bike and it would not start. I may have hit the starter before the electric fuel pump ran its course. The bike had been running great and after several attempts to start it, it finally started and ran great for another 30-40 miles. Have had no issues since then, so I was wondering if it was caused because I may not have let it run it’s electrical cycle on start up and that created the issue.

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"Will not start" is not enough information.
Did it not turn over at all........OR did the engine turn over but never fire ?

And if you really want to know, try it a few times yourself.

I suspect that it was a heat related problem somehow.
You are not in the habit of moving the throttle before it fires off, are you ?
You didn't run the tank down to the "fumes" before you stopped, did you ??
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