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Stripper Pipes by Hard Krome

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Anyone know what ids the difference in "big straight" and a "Stripper" pipes is?
I see that the stripper pipes have a slight stagger and they claim to have a "fixed baffle".
I wonder if that means they are quieter than Big Straights?

Anyone have some or info on them?

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I have a C50 and I added a set of Hard Krome pipes. And just adding pipes will lean it out enough to where you will have to use a fuel processor of some kind. At first I didnt think it would be a problem for me. I live at almost 5000 feet elevation and my bike ran rich from the factory anyway. But after adding the pipes it leaned out enough that it would backfire and run really irratic at about 30 mph. I already had a K&N filter and a Cobra FI2000 ready to install. Instead of installing everything all at once. I put on one part at a time so I could feel any changes. After adding the pipes I actually lost power. I have a post in another section of this site. Under the Vol/C50 getaway. Let me see if I can paste the link.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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