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suggestions plz

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anybody have any suggestions on a good bike for a semi-noob?(i use to have 2 dirt bikes so i have some sort of experience on a bike) im only 5'2 and female.
i used to drive a honda XR80F,which if I remember correctly weighed about 150-160 lbs. and the other i had was a 150 so that was probably over 200lbs.
So for my first bike I def dont need or want something 600lbs+ and super fast seeing as how im only 5'2. any suggestions?

thanks :mrgreen:
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stevie c said:
Thats a BIIIGGG bike.
Not a really big bike, my Concours is 600 pounds...

Of course, anything is heavy compared to a Gixxer! 8)

My idea of a heavy bike is an 800 pound (dry) GoldWing...
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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