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suggestions plz

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anybody have any suggestions on a good bike for a semi-noob?(i use to have 2 dirt bikes so i have some sort of experience on a bike) im only 5'2 and female.
i used to drive a honda XR80F,which if I remember correctly weighed about 150-160 lbs. and the other i had was a 150 so that was probably over 200lbs.
So for my first bike I def dont need or want something 600lbs+ and super fast seeing as how im only 5'2. any suggestions?

thanks :mrgreen:
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First, take the MSF course. Then start out on an older Honda CM250, Suzuki GN250, or possibly the best learner bike is the Kawasaki KL250 Super Sherpa. Dual sport that is low, has enough power to ride the freeway, won't wheelie you off the back unless you really try, and you can take it into the dirt to practice your skills without having to deal with traffic and asphalt. However, as short as you are, you may want to try a Honda Rebel or 250 Nighthawk if you are wanting a new bike and have disposable income. If you buy a small used UJM, you can ride it for 6 months to a year and then sell it for what you paid for it. these bikes are always in demand just because of folks like you. When you outgrow it, another short person wanting to learn will be there to buy it.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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