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Suzuki 2nd gear

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On my 93 katana, it's dificult to get it into 2nd gear ( almost always scrapes) and when I'm going full throttle and wind it out in first it's impossible to get it into 2nd gear, I have to start from 2nd if I get on it :x It seams like i've heard someone say it's a common problem in suzuki's, just wondering has anyone had the same experience?
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A good quality oil in good condition (less than 15,000 miles old) makes all the difference. I'd start there. Some say synthetic makes for better shifts, but I have no personal experience supporting this.
Nice to bump into another Mustang driver. I've autocrossed with a guy driving a '96 Cobra 'vert. Not bad.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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