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I saw someone put gsxr k6-k8 or hayabusa shock on ,but I have abs and I don't want broke it or cut anything.
what oem shocks fit what?
I believe bandit stock shock 320mm length not sure spring rate ,here's what I find in google
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busa have 330mm 12.5kg/mm spring.
k5-k6 have 332.5mm 8.1spring rate
k7-k7 have 315 mm 10.1 kg/mm spring rate
b-king have perfect 320mm length not sure spring the only problem is they have piggyback reservoirs ,bandit don't have space for reservoir
then I find someone put busa shock on mt09,on ohlins website bandit and mt 09 spring use same part number 01092
and here's mt 09 shock size ,spring rate should be 550ln/in about 10kg/mm
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I do the research but I don't have time try it ,any comment will be very helpful thanks
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