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I have a 1982 Suzuki GS850GL that bogs down at freeway speeds. It'll cruise for 5 minutes at 70mph+ just fine, but then it looses power and no matter how much I twist the throttle it seems to go nowhere. I have to pull over to stop because even if I slow down or switch gears it doesn't seem to have any power anywhere. Once I stop and get going again it's completely fine, until I get back up to 70mph and it all starts over again. It makes me wonder if it's running rich and I'm flooding it? I took it apart a couple months ago to clean the carbs before the riding season started, but maybe I didn't clean them well enough?

The only Mods I have are
- 120 Jets vs the stock 110
- After market exhaust with the bezels removed

Could it be that It's not getting enough air from the factory airbox? I ordered air pods for it along with a crankcase air pod breather that should be coming in a couple of days.

Please also note that I only run 91 octane non-oxy fuel through the systems.
This also doesn't happen if I'm cruising at 60-65mph, as I just took a 4 hour ride a few days ago and I stayed at 60-65 almost constantly.


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In general, I think you should STOP screwing around with the engine because things are likely to get worse instead of better; but that's a personal bias of mine.

Specifically: There is NO reason to run high octane gas if the original engine spec's didn't call for that.

The symptoms you report sounds a lot like a plugged tank vent. After running at high speed for a while (rapid fuel use) a vacuum develops in the tank due to the bad vent.
When you stop for a few minutes, the vacuum bleeds off and it works again.
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