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My girlfriend had an minor accident on the suzuki cs50 and half snapped the rear brake leaver off. So I fitted a new lever, also I thought I would renew the bake shoes, as they've never been changed since we've had the bike. The workshop manual also recomended I stripped the brakes and clean them. So I took the rear brakes apart, greased the brake cam etc. When I took off the cam lever I noticed a spring wrapped round the lever, which sprung off. I put everything back apart from this cam lever return spring. I've now spend hours trying to figure out how to put this spring back. It has no mention of it in the workshop manual, a suzuki spares shop doesn't know any thing about it.( they say it doesn't even need it, but surly what come off should go back !!). I dont know if it has any thing to do with it, but the new brake lever I fitted doesn't spring back properly. If anyone has ideas it would be greatly appriciated.
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