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Suzuki GS650 Ignition mystery

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Hey yall I need some help with this project. I have never worked on bikes before but I ran an auto shop for years so I have experience with the 4 wheeled stuff. I've taken on a project as a favor for a friend and I'm just getting into it. In my garage I have an 81 suzuki GS650. It ran when it was parked 6-7 years ago but had electrical issues. I have several problems to solve but my first is spark. I started digging into it and learning the ignition system. Pulled the tank off and started chasing wires only to find that there is not an igniter anywhere that I can see.
The harness has been cut where it appears the igniter should exist and some kind of bypass (?) setup has been created. From all I've found there is no igniter bypass trick... but here I am looking at a bike that ran when parked and there's not one to be found.

So... is this a known igniter delete/ bypass? If so can someone point me to how this functions so I can begin troubleshooting?

Also, if anyone knows where to get a free wiring diagram and/or service manual for this thing that would be super helpful.

Thanks in advance. I'm sure you'll be hearing plenty from me in the next few weeks.

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I cant help getting a free wiring diagram but without one you are in the dark.

Your system probably is a CDI one and it is likely this that has been removed. This works by having a capacitor charged by the battery then discharging at the correct plug at the correct time.

An Igniter is a different device used to step up the voltage to suitable levels for ignition but works in a similar fashion. I would do some research to see which one has been removed although after reading the site below it seems an igniter may well be the part needed.

I found the site by typing.... 81 Suzuki 650 ignition diagram

Good luck
Hi Jay,
  • Link to manualslib Suzuki GS550E GS550E
  • You need to check the wires coming from the signal/pulse generator coils. RH side behind cover, end of crank shaft axis.
  • Yes, there is an igniter box (should be). Has two separate connectors by the looks of the wiring diagram. Located on the LH side by the rear sub-frame support member (should be).
  • Wire colors at the TI box: O/W, B/W, B/Y, W (ALL FOR COILS) G/W, B/W, Br (ALL FROM SIGNAL/PULSE COILS)
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