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Hey folks new to this site. The internet is not kind to me when I try to research the Suzuki M90 and issues that have come across or the various non-existent aftermarket parts so I just wanted to touch base.

First ill cut to the chase- it was the kick stand sensor. The stand mount is ground down on one side allowing about a half inch of play on the sensor. Taped a quater inch nut to the stand and using a bungee to hold it up. Not ideal but for now cheaper than hours of mechanics checking everything but that issue.

So this began a few months back when the bike would not reach a certain speed and would lose gas power, not stall at first, it would idle and coast untill the speed dropped then it would give me gas again. Natually knowing nothing about engines and fearing the worst i took it to some very helpful folks at a hd shop to pick their brains hypothetically on the issue. Luckily some folks there used to dabble in other brands. A very helpful dude checked a bunch of sensors and pondered a gas line and an energy overload ect. Not long after the bike began to stall on me and so it was put away untill- finally a thread on the web about high speed and max vibration affecting kickstands. So i strapped a bungee on the kick stand and cranked her in second to test this and viola( every gear at a certain throttle position it caused the issue and i myself thought gas system or tps)

So owner number 2 of a supposesly dropped once bike ive come to feel the stand may be bent as it is very tough to put down and as ive said has ground a corner of its mount. A washer in there wont allow the bolt to even begin threading because of the odd angle. Thinking grinder, polish, washer and fixed. Otherwise maybe a new stand , bolt, and spring.

Had the recall done( never had issues before but wanted to be safe) Plugs done, oil at 3k, air filters( pain in the rear) , drive shaft oil myself. Its and 09 had 26k original to 2018. Ive had 2 years and put on 15k long distance and area cruise. Viking saddle bags help soo much on distance. Need new pegs, a crash bar to rest feet, better seat. First bike ever, couldnt hear my engine so i gutted the pipes which i have mixed feelings on but its loud and i like it. Super bright led lamp, cramp buster, rockform phone magnet, self made bumper with obscene sticker and diy underglow.

Pretty good for a first bike. Its fast, maneuverable but sometimes very uncomfortable on neck and i always feel my feet are going to slip of the pegs.

If anyone has info or recommendations on what to keep an eye out for as in maintenance/mechanical wise id appreciate it. Stay safe
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