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Hey most of the people in here prolly know about this site but i figured i'd throw it out there anyway for those of you noobs like me who are always up for learning something new...stumbled across it a little while ago......has a lot of info about every suzuki bike ever built as well as history and several magazine articles per bike.....enjoy!

:!: :!:
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just thinking a good sticky post would be for someone (coughunclebobcough) to put together a list of links for different types of parts/equip/accessories.

it would look like :

link 1
link 2
link 3

link 1
link 2

Bike covers
link 1
link 2


would this bee too much work due to all the different sites and needs of different bikes / styles??

probably, just a thought
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thats cool, makes sense. i was sure it had to be thought of before me....had to be a reason it wasnt done.

St0nkingByte said:
You are thinking of the GZ250. And the answer is yes, they had a bunch at my MSF last year ;) Its a little baby Marauder...
yup....i used one at my MSF course...knowing i was getting the M50 i had to use this!
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