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SV650 running on 1 cylinder

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I have a 03 SV650 and on wet roads or in the rain it gets water in the spark plug hole on the front cylinder and doesn't fire. I have heard several other people say they have the same problem (of course this was after I bought the bike). Is there a quck fix that somebody can tell me??

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Smart A$$

you know everbody does't have the time to spend every waking minute on bike forums looking for answers to questions. Some of us work very long hours and have a family example, my typical day starts with 0400 I wake up shave and brush my teeth, 0500 pt work until 1200 then I get to stay at work and eat lunch because it takes to long to go home released from work anytime from 1700 until 1800 and get home anytime from 1745 to 1845 then I have to eat dinner and spend some time with the wife. This is a typical day in Garrison for me a soldier in the US Army. Now lets add in trips to the field, and this is usually once a month for at least a week at a time. And now lets not forget that there is a war going on, a war which affects all soldiers.

Instead of posting a smart a$$ reply "here and here" well here and here was a different bike forum, if your going to help just put the exact topic that may help.

If this reply makes you unhappy..........

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RowdyRed94 said:
It was intended to be helpful. I'm not a member of either forum, and I took the time to search for them for you. Maybe you can help yourself a little, too? In the time it took you to write that pointless rant, you probably could've had your answer (the forums I linked you to are far more likely to have one).

No need for the hostility. Just learn a little about 'nettiquette and you'll be fine. I just got off an 11 hour day myself, and I still have chores to do.

What I am saying is you didn't give any advice or help by linking the home pages of 2 different forums, however, if you would have listed 2 different topics then that would have been great.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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