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SV650 running on 1 cylinder

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I have a 03 SV650 and on wet roads or in the rain it gets water in the spark plug hole on the front cylinder and doesn't fire. I have heard several other people say they have the same problem (of course this was after I bought the bike). Is there a quck fix that somebody can tell me??

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greetings from canada greenvarmint,

here in Vancouver where it rains way too much, we have no reports of SV's with plug problems in the rain. I think you should get your dealer involved- a 2003 should have some warranty coverage left. I can't see suzuki designing a bike that would not run in the rain. the testing on all bikes before production is grueling. There must be something else wrong as most engines will run fine in torrential rain. the plug or plug wire would have to be loose or cracked to be affected by rain. hope this helps
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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