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alrite, i went friday to check out a bike. it's a 2003 Sv650s in the burnt orange color. the bike has a rebuilt title, but it was done by a dealer that specializes in only has light scratches on left side and needs the left front turnsignal, rear turnsignals, and plate holder. bike has 2150miles and is $3995. started it up, and bike sounds great feels very comfortable. my question is what are others opinions on this bike? i was lookin for a gixer 600 but this would be my 1st bike, so i'm kinda leanin towards it. plus, if i do get it, i would be very interested in the lower faring, where could i purchase this?? thanx all
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If you're the type to deal with an emergent problem or two, and you'll have the bike for a long time, it's probably fine. Resale will be low, and there's a good chance that something will show up that needs to be fixed. Otherwise, it sounds like a good price.
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