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Tach, Speedo, Mirrors etc. etc...

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Hey all you cruiser-type-people, I've got a question from deep deep left field. :?:

Any ideas on whether or not some of the handlebar/triple-tree mounted gauges from some of Suzuki's cruisers would be able to be used on some of their street bikes? I'm looking to turn my '95 Katana into a streetfighter of sorts, and in the process the whole forward section & headlight are getting nixed, which leaves me out of places to mount the tach, speedo, etc. Conveniently enough, half those gauges don't work, and those that do are hidden under horribly marred "clear" bezels. I suppose I'm not that concerned about the mirrors, as I'm sure I can find myriad clamp-on type ones to just slap onto the handlebars.

So how 'bout it? Any idea if other style gauges would be fittable, or whether or not the control wires and cables would even be compatible? If not, it's going to be a bit interesting to get this thing into street-worthy condition and in the style that I'm shooting for.

Thanks for any help you can give, and thanks for reading all a bit longer than I expected. :?
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Here are what I run on my Gixxer. Old school euro, but might work on your concept. They set up in a half dozen different configurations, fold up to split traffic, and they don't vibrate. At $33.00 each I can't complain!

EDIT; Do'h wrong picture! that's Leno's Jet Bike before he installed the bar end mirrors!
Leno's bike is awesome, though the mileage sucks and it stinks like hell to ride behind him. We know when he is about to show up for a ride! When you hear a Jet Ranger helicopter over head, it's usually Leno making his approach up the canyon. Did you notice the size of the dual side exhaust behind his foot? Can't get close to Saturns and such while stopped, it tends to melt the body work! :lol:
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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