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I am new to the bike scene. I have done some riding on a friends 1980 suzuki gs 550. I found it was too tall for me. Although as a woman I am by no means short at 5'5, in the world of motorcycles, I have found I am on the short side. Recently, I decided to invest in a new bike. I have looked around and decided to buy a suzuki 650svs. My question is, what are the norms for test driving a motorcycle?

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Depends on the dealership. Sometimes they will let you sign a release stating that you will be responsible for any damage to the M/C, and a salesman will usually accompany you on another bike out for the short test ride. You already must have a valid M/C license to do this however.

I know the managers working in the dealerships in my area. I can usually sign a release and take the bike out by myself. But, that is after years of knowing the blokes.

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Varies greatly from one dealer to the next.

About one third the dealerships I visited offered a test ride ( I say offered without any probing on my part ). Would imagine it's a judgement call by individual dealers.

An 18 year old walks in asking about a Gixxer, well if I was the dealer i'd probably not take the chance. A 40 year old rides in on a bike and asks to try a cruiser, I'd probably be inclined to let him try it.

Up here the manufacturers in cooperation with dealers set up "test ride days". Manufacturer shows up at a dealer with a truckload of bikes sets up a tent and offers test rides to anybody with a valid license.

A lot of bike gatherings also have these manufacturer booths set up for test rides, sometimes the rides are offered on public roads and other times you are restricted to a closed track.

There is one event in Montreal every summer held on our Formula one track where all the manufacturers show up and you can try basically any bike that's sold here.
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