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the battle of 2-strokes and 4-strokes :twisted:

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Ok now I've never a form on the diffrences, the pros, and the cons on 2 and 4 strokes. so i thought i would make one.

And I also wanted to know what the crap the big fuss is about how 4 strokes suck :roll:. I cant say anything cause ive never ridden a 4 stroke ive oly ridden my rm250 :mrgreen: so i thought you guys could tell me what the pros, the cons, and diffrences between a 2 strokes and 4 strokes :madd: .
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2 stroke vs 4stroke

i think the main differance is the amount of usable power as in they dont have a powerband that gives you a boot in the pants after 2500 odd rpm, they have a mucher smoother power build up, but as you know, a 250 two will always whip a 250-400 four,
i think that two strokes fire every revolution four strokes dont,an because they have twice as many power strokes per revolution, they have to be raced against bikes twice the engine capacity, thoagh with the developments being made with four strokes the deficit is slowly being reduced
welllll, you prob already no but ill tell u what i considered, two strokes have a lot higher maintenance requirements than four strokes, but parts and the actual bike are a lot cheaper to buy, rm 125 is $8000 here but rm-z 250 is around $9000, do you race against four strokes, if you do id probably go for the four stroke 450 definately not as light and nimble as a 250 2 stroke but like you said, they pull from anywhere in the rev range , my experiance in sand the 250 four was ideal, but i dont ride in sand to often anymore, anyway, good luck with your riding, hope i helped i little
you gotta admit the YZf's are worthy bikes, I'm sorta gettin used to the fact that 4 strokes just about always holeshot, but come the tight sections and they start gettin into strife,those extra 10 or 15 kilos make a helluva differance.

<ps> whats this i hear about not being able to buy 2 stroke MX'ers soon, down here in aus they're on a comeback, the KTM's are winning everting now
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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