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the battle of 2-strokes and 4-strokes :twisted:

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Ok now I've never a form on the diffrences, the pros, and the cons on 2 and 4 strokes. so i thought i would make one.

And I also wanted to know what the crap the big fuss is about how 4 strokes suck :roll:. I cant say anything cause ive never ridden a 4 stroke ive oly ridden my rm250 :mrgreen: so i thought you guys could tell me what the pros, the cons, and diffrences between a 2 strokes and 4 strokes :madd: .
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It all started in the late 90's when Yamaha came out with the YZ 426. Once the AMA allowed it in the 250 class and the Govornments went with cleaner air regulations the die was cast. Since that time we have been force fed the 4 stroke s. Which contrary to popular belief are not so cheap to race. If you have ever priced out a top end rebuild on a current 4 stroke MXer you would have a coronary! The day is coming when the big 4 wont even offer a 2 stroke MXer :( Even my 2 street bikes are RGV 250 2 strokes :lol:

Keep smokin!

No Diesels.
I think that the environment could do a lot better if we stopped much bigger offenders than a small 2 cycle engine. We send giant booster rockets through the ozone and have massive wildfires pumping plumes of smoke into the atmosphere....So lets helo the environment by running 2 stroke dirt bikes..........Thats the best joke I have heard in years :lol:
I never said I didn't care. I just think there are a million problems causing the pollution of our enviroment. To say a 2 stroke pollutes is correct. Now to tell me that they are causing enough of a percentage of the damage to the environment to stop making them to me is pure nonsence. I don't want to argue about it, it is a free society we both live in and we are allowed to have our opinions. My opinion is..............

:lol: 2 strokes....Smoke'em if you got'em :!: :lol:
Incidently the United States under President Clinton decided we should'nt log old growth forest and thet no fire roads should be made to have access to these remote areas. Once that was done, all it took was a lightning strike to cuase the massive wildfires we had in the late 1990's. So if people knew that wildfires can be prevented through forest managment then you could see that wildfires can be prevented to a large degree. The ones that do ignite can be contained and controlled easier. Also if you knew anything about the burning of living trees and wood in general you would know that there are Greenhouse Gases released during the burning process that are infact very harmful to the Ozone Layer. That is why any woodstove built after 1991 has to have a catalytic converter.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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