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The "Old Girl"

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Loaded up and ready for crating tomorrow.

I was getting nostalgic looking at her again.

Read her history HERE:

Man, I've had her a LONG time. :D

- Nut
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Yup. Good ole TX. I stripped the oil drain bolt too :x Been wrenching since 1979 or so, and this is the ONLY bolt I have stripped. Really pisses me off. I guess tons of oil changes later, the threads had had enough (this is an '85 motor). Came out of a bike that was wrecked in Canada while being chased by the police. You can tell what kind of life that poor bike led before I got the motor. I'll fix it there. I am pulling the motor out for servicing anyway.

Oil line bolts on the old GSX-Rs are real bad too. Magnesium valve covers lend themselves to that. They just about always fail with regular use. I have had every valve cover of mine heli-coiled at some point.

- Nut
If it was made, I wouldn't use it. It isn't a big deal. I'll fix it later.

- Nut
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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