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the typical noob question, but with a differant twist.......

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hey all, I have a quick question for ya, if U where going to by a bike for yur girl for her b-day cause she is dying to learn how, what would U personally look at?
Im a suzuki guy, (hence my gixxer), but my buddie has a 1989 kaw-sucky ex 500 that Im eyeing up. the seat height is about perfect, and its not to powerfull.... plus, Im going to get a hell of a deal on it if I go with it... so here goes the question I thought I would never ask? would U think that would be a desent starter bike (but its not for me so it doesnt really apply to the noob title)?
any real know problems with em
let me know guys
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I second RowdyRed on that. It is a great starter bike and will have plenty of power. Even enough to be too much until she is experienced. Certainly nothing larger.

Being taught by a friend can be invaluable if the friend is a level headed experienced safe rider. But it should never take the place of a good MSF course that all riders should take.

I think your on the right path.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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