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the typical noob question, but with a differant twist.......

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hey all, I have a quick question for ya, if U where going to by a bike for yur girl for her b-day cause she is dying to learn how, what would U personally look at?
Im a suzuki guy, (hence my gixxer), but my buddie has a 1989 kaw-sucky ex 500 that Im eyeing up. the seat height is about perfect, and its not to powerfull.... plus, Im going to get a hell of a deal on it if I go with it... so here goes the question I thought I would never ask? would U think that would be a desent starter bike (but its not for me so it doesnt really apply to the noob title)?
any real know problems with em
let me know guys
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Sounds like a good first bike. Be warned, though, that the absolute worst riders on the road are commonly those who were taught by "a friend". Get her some training.
ctx46 said:
about the only thing that I will teach her, is how to shift gears, basic operations of the bike, and let her goof around in a vacent parking lot, nothing more...
Just to clarify, that's the problem. She'll have the absolute basics, but not enough to be safe. She'll be able to ride the bike, but not know how to avoid an accident or recover from a skid. Do your best to explain vehicle dynamics, proper braking, and above all, proper attire.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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