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thinking about the tailblazers but...

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I guess I thought the tailblazers acted differently. Apparently all they do is flash a few times and then stay on. $59 for a light bulb that flashes? I can pump the brakes while I'm stopped a few times and save the money. Check out the demo.

When I had my '01 gixxer 600, I replaced both the stock light bulbs with LED lights. I don't know what kind it was, but there were several LEDs in a circular pattern in each "bulb". When the electrical system was on, the lights swirled around in a circular pattern and then swirl in a counterclockwise pattern. When you applied the brakes, they flashed very brightly at a consistent rate, but did not return to full on. I think I paid around 80 for both bulbs and it was well worth it. I'm not too sure about the tailblazers though. I just can't see paying $59 for that.
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All the LEOs around here have them. They definately get you noticed, but be sure to check legality first.
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