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"Throttle Rocker"- best invention EVER!

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Hi again everyone. I just bought a Throttle Rocker from a bike shop here in Toronto the other day. For those of you that do not know its a small plastic devise that through velcro attaches to the right hand grip to allow you to throttle up using the palm of the hand instead of constantly "gripping" the grip. I have bad Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and I cannot ride for more than 1 hour without pulling off to the side and get some feeling back into my numb wrist. It cost a measly $10. I have seen them on Ebay for $15 or so. I cannot recommend this product enough for those riders with similar pains and aches. I think its one of the best inventions for bikes ever. The store can't keep them on the shelves. Have a great riding summer everyone. Roy.
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Throttle Rocker

I really love my Savage. I have done some interesting things to it. I just put a great slash cut glass pack muffler. Sound is awesome. Also I have saddle bags that I studded as well as a tool pouch bag and I'm soon going to stud the seats. Paint scheme is Chrome Yellow with black and chrome accents. I'll post a pic soon. The Rocker works great. :roll:
City use for "Rockers"

You of course must be aware that the devise is constantly there but after that you won't know how ya rode long distance without one. If you are running around town or city only than I find the wrist thing isn't a problem since I can rest at stop lights etc. The unit comes off in under 5 secs. so inconvenience isn't an issue. All mature riders should have one!
Throttle Rocker

Trust me Mike you won't be disappointed. I am 47 and I am sure many people younger then me have the dreaded "numb wrist" :D
Throttle rocker

It attaches to the throttle grip with velcro. Go to Ebay Motors and in the accessories area type in Suzuki Savage and there are ads for these little beauties. One of which shows pictures on installation and use. A very helpful area for parts also. Godd Luck.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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