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tire vibrations?

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i've been restoring my bike for the last couple of months and while restoring it i had to fix a leak in the front tire. to do this i bought that green slime stuff that is suppost to stop all slow leaks, but in doing so i think it may have done something to disrupt the balance to my front tire, but thats jsut my thoughts. whats happening is a loud humming noise will come from the front of the bike, starting at any speed and will start loudly without warning and without and pattern. but how it goes away does have a patter, to get to it stop, all i have to do is slow down, to maybe 15mph; that usually takes care of it. what i have also noticed is that as soon as the noise starts, the speedo jumps about 10mph ahead of itself and cannot stay at a constant speed no matter if the throttle is. so my plan of action is to get a tube for the tire, does anyone else disagree with this plan and think otherwise?
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I'm very sorry to hear that you didn't read the last post that pretty much everyone agreed that that "CRAP" is exactly that, I don't like it at all. In a motorbike tire, I highly sugest against useing that green stuff. I would never take a chance on a bike tire, I would always fix the problem properly. I have never used a questionable tire on a bike, and I hope that no one elts does either. Go get yourself a new tire, tires are the cheepest insurance you can get.
Do not tube the tire, the tires of today are not to be used with a tube. Like I said, good tires are the cheepest insurance you can buy, even though to outfit my bike with new tires costs me $750Cdn. When you use the green slime in a car tire, the person reparing the tire MUST remove all the sealant from the inside of the tire before conducting the repair. The sealant doesn't alow the patch plugs to work properly. I heavly dislike that tire sealant stuff, I sugest never uesing it unless there is no alternitive. Buy a new tire, put on the spare( this applies only to cars and vespa's)Stay away froom the green goo.
your humming noise is most likely a bearing, if left to sit for extreamly long times, bearings will actually mark the bearing races, they're relitivly cheep, replace them.
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