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Tired of getting cold. Need some sunshine in your life??

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

A cure to the freezing cold, in beautiful Panama. The heart of Latin America and the "crossroads of the whole planet" Ride up mountains, volcanoes, along the coast, through tropical rainforest. Never gets cold! New bikes! Can do some adventure/trail rides..

All inclusive (bike, gas, guide, hotels..)6, 8 and 15 day tours year round.

Interested parties should email me at:

[email protected]

People who are not interested should do a "Panama" search on their favourite search engine and then email me at the above. Discounts for groups...

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Dude, it's summer here!...and it's hot.

Can you give some more details? What kind of bikes? The ones in your signature panel? Those are cars, if not mistaken.
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