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TL1000R or RC51??????

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I know I'm gonna buy a 1 litre V-twin. Does anyone have any praises or gripes about either one of these? I'd really love to get the Suzuki, but the RC51 sounds good too. Any advice????
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Fox said:
I also heard of Tillers having a problem with FI. When backing off the throttle, the bike behaves like the throttle has been completely cut off,therefore; it wants to drop lean into the corner. I have no idea if its true though, just a hear-say

Good luck
Was problem with earlier models now fixed.

Why would you back off on throttle in a corner ?.
wafflehouse said:
i think he means when preparing to corner because you shouldnt let off the throttle IN a corner cause all bike will want to drop or lean more or whatever

Scrub off all excess speed before entering a corner, then roll on throttle through the curve. Slowing while cornering while disrupt the bikes attitude and cause it to lean more, it will also send more weight to the front wheel also adversely affecting cornering ability.

As for the FI question, sorry I don't have the model yr it came out and when problem was fixed ( getting old ) but don't recall it being a major issue even before the fix.
DUH!. Suzuki ! LOL
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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