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tl1000s 0-60 & 1/4mile times

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does anyone know what the '97 tl1000s does 0-60 or the quartermile time?
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LayinLo_usmc said:
@ Skate1248: I'll race ya on one wheel. or two, whatever----whenever

So If I jump on a 600 and get my track times then jump on a 750 and do the same track, you're saying that it will be the same time. Bigger cc's have more potential to be faster. Common sense.

Yes of course bigger is always better !

Wrong !

On a track with more turns and shorter straightaways the 600 will shine. On a longer track with sweeping turns and a longer straightaway then you'd want to be on a 750.

The extra HP is there mostly at the top end so unless you're on a track that'll allow you to reach that top end the extra CC's are only dead weight.

But we digress, I think that what was meant to be said was that a rider increasing his skill level will allow him to be faster and is a better investment than betting a bigger bike to go faster.

Sure a skilled rider on a 750 will probably be faster than the same rider on a 600 . But the bike with the better rider will probably beat the rider with less skill even if the lesser rider has the bigger bike.
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1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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